10 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas

10 Easy Backyard Landscaping Ideas to fit any budget

It’s hard enough to plan a garden on your own, let alone plan one on a budget. But that is what you can call Advanced Land Management for!  Creating a garden on a budget may take longer than a week or two; and you may have to split up your project in to smaller pieces. Either way ALM is happy to help!  Our team of skilled professionals will help turn your backyard landscaping nightmares in to you a beautiful retreat for you and your family.

1. Wood Burning Fire Pit

Wood Burning Fire Pit - Backyard Landscaping


2. Light Things Up With Landscape Lighting.

Lighting - Backyard Landscaping

3. Get things Cooking With A Outdoor Kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen - Backyard Landscaping

4. Add A Water Feature.

Water Features - Backyard Landscaping

5. Spruce up your deck with planters.

Deck Planters - Backyard Lanscaping

6. Put together an outdoor movie theater.

Outdoor Movie Theater - Backyard Lanscaping

7. Add a bar to your backyard entertainment area.

Tiki-Bar - Backyard Lanscaping

8. Checkers anyone?

Outdoor Games - Backyard Lanscaping

9. Shade your deck or patio with an awning.

Awnings - Backyard Lanscaping

10. Add a trellis with a climbing plant.

Arbor - Backyard Lanscaping

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