Shrub Trimming & Pruning Services

Shrub Trimming and Pruning is recommended twice a year. First after the spring growth then once again in September. Keeping your shrubs trimmed is an essential part of having that “manicured” look for your landscape.

Trimming and Pruning is not only recommended to keep your property looking clean and well kept, it is also needed to promote growth and the overall health of your landscape. While pruning your shrubs and ornamental trees our staff gets a chance to go through your planting beds to rake, weed, and survey the condition of your shrubs and perennials.

Advanced Land Management has specific crews that handle our trimming. Do you want guys who cut grass all day parking the mower and pruning your prized Lace Leaf Japanese Maple?  Our company takes the time to educate our staff on the proper techniques for trimming the different species of plants in our area. For all of you who have been trimming and pruning yourselves and are nervous to hand over the trimmer, appointments can be scheduled so the trimming can be supervised.