Safely Eliminating Poison Ivy

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy…Forever!

The Mean Three
  • Poison Ivy
  • Poison Oak
  • Poison Sumac
Poison Ivy Removal in Mountain Lakes New Jersey

Poison Ivy Removal in Mountain Lakes New Jersey – Performed by Advanced Land Managment

As experienced landscapers with well over 15 years of knowledge, Advanced Land Management has found that there is only one way of handling invasive vines such as:


Weed Killer strong enough to kill your Poison Ivy is often times not “selective”, which results dead nearby shrubs or trees which you want to keep alive that have vines growing through it.  Dowsing poison ivy with strong chemicals will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in shrub replacements.

Advanced Land Management has found the best method of Poison Ivy removal to be to pulling it out.  Dig it up from its roots pull out all of the vines and place them all in heavy garbage bags and remove it completely from your property.  This method of Poison Ivy Removal not only is best to ensure we have removed all of the offensive weeds from your property but also ensures that your family will not be exposed to any toxic chemicals.

Weed Killers are not only a hazard to your landscape but also to your health and your family’s health.  Trying to remove Poison Ivy from buildings, fence lines, etc. have landed many people in an itchy hell for weeks or in some cases the doctor’s office.  In the past, many companies have turned to harmful weed killers to deal with their Ivy problems and found minimal success.


Poison Oak

Poison Oak

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy

Poison Sumac

Poison Sumac








For Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac removal we choose the “organic” route, hand pulling the offensive vines from your landscape, walls, building, fence line and dig out the roots wherever possible.

Advanced Land Management and our team removal specialists are trained to identify invasive or poisonous vines and are well equipped with proper tools and safety equipment to remove your poison ivy, etc. quickly and responsibly.

Once your Poison Ivy problem has been resolved, we offer follow up programs to ensure the problem never arises again.

Give us a call today and let us help you!  973-406-7185


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